A warm internet welcome to
the Ones' network nexus.

Zenvangelism from Southern California.

We embrace all denominations, all beliefs, all faiths and even no-faith.  At the core of our being, we embrace all living entities - from the simple ameba to the current complex ego-centric epiphany of One's plodding, pseudo-random elegant evolutionary process, homosapien.  For we are all One.

If all things were equal, entropy would be at zero and there simply wouldn't be anything. As it is now and has been for a long long time, the Space Beings continue to have Their way --- nothing has been the same since They created "time" with that big explosion.  And They did that just so They could flit about from Place to Place.  Now, at this instant:

Like a dream almost remembered, a whiff of wellness ... wholeness ... what it was like before the Big Bang and we yearn for the return to the Allness. Where Everyplace is the Sameplace; all Places are One in the Same. The perfect tripartite balance of Zen-Nada-Nirvana, NAVANA Ö One in the Same, without time, forever and ever.

All the bits and pieces have been scattered to the 64 tesserat corners of this Placefull universe. While we can not compress them back into the original EveryplaceNotime (ÉN) that we knew and loved, what we can do is to live without regard to time.

The only reason that the Space People continue to dominate in all matters is because we have accepted Their reality.

WAKE UP! Just because They blew it all apart does NOT mean that we have to pick up the pieces!

Think back to Nowhen, we were each our own and each otherís reality - One in spirit and essence.  We have forgotten that we were One at Notime - that there was no "They" and no "Us."  We just Were.

The One is gone but you can Be. And Where two Bes are together without regard to Time, there is manifest a larger One which is four times stronger, and the Where becomes of less importance. Three Bes are 27 times stronger than One and can more easily overcome the forces of Time and Place. Four Bes form an Exponential One to the forth power, which is 256 times stronger than just One. Five or more Bes and you have a SF of at least 3,125, a Hive!  Then, who cares?



Be One again !

At the top of your form,

Be One in Balance,

Hang ten!


at the internet highway intersection of
Nirvana and First Street

You're in Navana ---
The surf's up,
It never rains,
Time is irrelevant,
Living in the Now,
not for the Now.


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